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Sound Slimmer 1.04

Reduce the file sizes of MP3s with this lossless audio encoder
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Sound Slimmer manages to do what was thought to be impossible: compress a compressed file. This utility uses proprietary algorithms to further reduce the file size of an MP3. It usually reduces this size by 15% but in some cases, it can get to an impressive 70 percent. This economy of disk space may not be noticeable when you compress a few audio files but it becomes important when dealing with hundreds or thousands of files.

Considering that the files are encoded to a proprietary format (file has MPZ extension), it seems impractical to use this program to compress the MP3s that you usually listen to that are stored on your hard disk. However, in case you need to squeeze a few more files on a DVD or other medium with a relatively low storage capacity, this piece of software can prove to be of extraordinary help.

The program is very easy to use. Actually, the application is so simple that everything is done in the main window (the only one that it has).

Briefly, this is an original utility, useful and simple. If the developers would also create a player for their MPZ files, it would be even better.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Impressive compression ratio
  • Fast encoding/decoding
  • Very simple interface


  • MPZ files are useless unless decoded back to MP3 (can't play them)
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